The College

JBC operates from its own site in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.


  1. Established in 2005 at the invitation of local church leaders and launched at Melville Union Church with 12 students

  2. By 2007 student numbers had grown to 60

  3. In 2008, 80 students registered and a permanent base was needed. Auckland Park campus established and become ‘home’ of JBC with two large teaching rooms, offices and space for hospitality

  4. Soweto Campus established in 2009 to reach Bible teachers in an important area for South African society. It has mover three times since its inception and needs a permanent base.

  5. In 2010, JBC launches Zandspruit Bible School (ZBS), led by a JBC graduate. This informal settlement is rapidly growing and access to theological training is vital in supporting local churches

  6. In 2011 JBC supported the foundation of the Malawi Bible Training Institute (MBTI) by another JBC graduate. MBTI is training rural pastors using JBC teaching material